Subscriptions & One Time Purchases

Basic subscription

Basic subscription provides you access to all the basic and necessary modes:

  • Emergency mode – to able you to call for help to your Safety Circle
  • Safe Trip – to ensure your Safety Circle is alarmed if you do not make it to a planned destination
  • Simple tracking – to enable you to record you track and share it with your friends in real time when you need it

This subscription is for an individual user, however can be used on multiple devices.

At the moment Basic subscription is the only Foundation Subscription.
(A Foundation subscription is necessary to run a service. Advanced Subscriptions can be used only with a Foundation one)

Automated Tracking

This is optional  subscription is to let you access to the Automatic Simple Tracking function . 
This subscription takes care and starts tracking automatically when you leave your  selected home location

High Privacy

Subscription to this feature  lets you take care of you data, protecting you and your data until you deliberately shared it.

Your tracks stay on your device until you use Emergency or SafeTrip modes. 

Extended Track Storage & Long Term Storage

Subscribe to this feature to double the time your tracks are kept at the server before they get utilised

By default you tracks are wiped after 90 days, to minimize your account storage space and make possible the low subscription prices.

This option will allow us to keep your tracks for 180 days.

Have a look also at assigning the Long Term Storage option to your tracks to make then available indefinitely 

The Long Term Storage is a One Time Purchase: we now sell it  in 5-track packages


Add One Member

This  optional  subscription lets you extend the amount of members you have in your Foundation subscription. 
If a standard subscription covers 4 people and you need to cover 5,  here is a solution for you.