How it Works

Carlos - Peer to Peer Mode

Carlos is a young student who has been accepted into a Sydney University. 

 Miguel, a good friend who is fluent in English and who had previously spent time in Sydney, offered to stay in touch with Carlos during his travels via the Peer-to-Peer Mode of their My Safety Circle App

As Carlos has never been to Sydney before, he made arrangements to be met at the airport, however no one turned up.

He was alone in a foreign city and knew no one and his phone battery was getting low…

Carlos felt lost and did not what to do, so he started an Emergency call. This caught Miguel’s attention and he responded to his friend. Once Carlos shared his situation, Miguel was able to arrange transport for Carlos and he arrived at his accommodation safely.

MSC connecting Simon

  • Raised Alert
  • Trackable
  • Information Shareable with authorities
  • Set travel Time Frame
  • Set Destination
  • Enable Auto-complete
  • Notify Circle at Start of Journey

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