How it Works

Maria - Simple Tracking

Maria is a teenager and has permission to attend an evening outdoor concert with her friend, and then stay at her friend’s home.

She has the app activated and has agreed to call her mother by a set time.



Maria and her friend get distracted by conversation with one of the band members. It is getting late so they turn to grab their bags and find that they are gone, stolen. No phones, no money, no credit cards.

Maria and her friend hail a taxi home. As the friend goes inside to get money to pay the driver, Maria uses the home phone to call her mum. Her mum had tried to call and then the phone went dead. 

She has the last location of the phone from the tracking screen, and after hearing Maria’s story she calls the police. She gives them the link and password so they can access the map and see the last location.

MSC connecting Maria

  • Connected to parents
  • Alerted of problem
  • Information able to be passed on to police
  • Track Travel
  • Set “No Emergency”
  • Data Stored
  • Data Retrievable 
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