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My Safety Circle is a SOS button and tracking mobile app that respects your privacy and lets you control when and where you are tracked. 

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My Safety Circle app helps you take control in situations where you feel unsafe, to call for help and establish communication with your trusted Safety Circle, your trusted network of contacts, receiving assistance even if the situation has not yet become desperate or life threatening.

How Do we Help?


Let you take control in situations where you feel unsafe


Enable to call for help and establish communication with your trusted Safety Circle, your trusted network of contacts


Let you receive assistance even if the situation has not yet become desperate or life threatening.


Who is it for?


Parents and teenagers


Young Women and Men


Students away from home (overseas or in other cities)


People travelling alone or in small groups


Anyone who feels vulnerable sometimes

How Does it Work?

Download app
Fill in you profile and invite your friends
Drill your Safety Circle what to do in Emergency

Use one of these modes

Want to Know More?

Have a look how it work for Maria, Simon & Christine

Our Testimonials

Rajan R.

When my daughter started university, she wanted freedom, while I was worried about her safety. We found the perfect solution with Location Check feature. Whenever I get concerned, I can request her location and I know where she is. It’s been amazing for reducing my daily anxiety about her well-being. I don’t have to pester her either, which she appreciates. This app improved our relationship and gave me newfound confidence as a parent.

Maria Clara V.

I do in-home care with a lot of driving between appointments. MSC automatic tracking gives me safety and saves me effort, as I don’t have to manually turn it on and off every day. One less thing to worry about, and I appreciate that.

Kylie M.

I work in HR, and this app transformed our team building experience. During our last trip, we all had it on our phones, and it provided a safety net without actually feeling invasive. We could request locations when needed and even share our tracks in real time, so we could arrive at rendezvous points at the same time, Of course everyone had the choice to share. It made the adventure both safer and more fun. We’re excited to use it again!

Clancy B.

I don’t get around easily and was nervous about being alone. Fall Detection gave me confidence – if I fall, my phone will detect it and call for assistance automatically. I also set it to call for help if I shake my phone. I like it.

Asha S.

The Safe Return feature brings me huge comfort when walking alone at night. I can set my expected route and arrival time and share it with my chosen contacts. If I deviate from the route or don’t reach my destination on time, it triggers automated alerts to my safety network. Knowing my contacts will be notified if I encounter trouble makes me feel more secure, and my friends tease me that I kind of refuse to go out without it now.

Matilda S.

As an avid solo hiker, I used to be anxious about accidents. Now with Safe Trip feature, I share my trek details and expected finish time. If I’m delayed, it automatically notifies my emergency contacts. This feature finally allows me to hike with peace of mind.

Bruce K.

With all my business travel, I needed an easy way to connect with trusted contacts in each city. The Custom Circles are perfect – I build a local “Circle” of contacts and can reach out when I need area advice or simply support. It makes every work trip simpler, and helps me think about more work-related problems.


Stop worrying and get prepared, start growing your awareness by exercising safe habits and staying connected with you dear ones.
Download and start using MySafetyCircle app – it will help you stay on top of unexpected.