My Safety Circle

Dean Hobin

Alexey Dubrovin

Maurizio Ognibene

“To ensure every human feels protected and able to avoid or mitigate risk no matter the place or time of day”

Helping to deliver a higher level Duty of Care

My Safety Circle is a mobile app keeping staff and students safer, even while commuting or travelling.

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My safety circle

The Problem We Solve:

Studying involves quite a lot of commuting, not always in the safest conditions. Whether your students are commuting, traveling, or just walking the grounds, My Safety Circle provides a simple, robust and private way to call for help, even out of mobile data range.

How Do we Help?


If somebody feels unsafe, they can immediately signal they need help to their circle, by pressing a button or just shaking the phone.


The system establishes communication with the trusted circle of people, including the authorities if set in that way


This lets people take control of the situation before it really becomes desperate, thus qualifying as a last-minute prevention


Who is it for?


Parents and teenagers


Young Women and Men


Students away from home (overseas or in other cities)


People travelling alone or in small groups


Anyone who feels vulnerable sometimes

How Does it Work?


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Stop worrying and get prepared, start growing your awareness by exercising safe habits and staying connected with you dear ones.
Download and start using MySafetyCircle app – it will help you stay on top of unexpected.